Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hit the Brake and Reset Your Destiny

Healthy Habits—Week 4

What I Hate—Loss of Control

I'm referring to all the junk (aka food choices) we cram down our esophaguses. 

What comes over us? 
Are we on cruise control? 
Kind of. 
We've set ourselves up to drive according to the habits we've made. 

It's time to hit the brake and reset your destiny. 
Get serious about this healthy journey.

 Where's that left-over Christmas candy?

While I had a serious Candida (yeast) infection, I constantly craved carbs and sweets. It's very hard to control. Eating healthier and avoiding carbs and sugary sweets, my cravings are disappearing. Even though they still entice me, I can say "no" more easily. 

A week ago I was at home alone; my husband and son were elsewhere and eating out. I was tempted to swing by the closest food joint to where I live—the Sonic Drive-Thru. The voice in my head told me I deserved it. I remembered that dreamy Mocha Caramel Java Chiller I had there once, so first I peeked online at their menu . . . and then . . . low and behold . . . I glanced at the Sonic Nutrition Guide

A 14 oz Mocha Caramel Java Chiller is 850 calories! 

A Sonic cheeseburger (w/mayo) is 800 calories. I gave up burgers a few years ago, but decided right then, that I needed to keep some kind of food record to really see what I'm actually consuming and be accountable to myself first and foremost. 

You can't lie to yourself. If I don't record that forbidden fare, I still know that my calories for the day are botched. 

Is Eating Raw the Answer?

Since I'm desiring a 50% raw foods diet at this stage of my plan, I know there are some concerns since weight loss is one of my health goals.  

In looking through my blog here at Kathy's Kitchen you'll see some awesome raw desserts and dishes that may be high calorie, and filled with healthy fats, nuts, etc. Yes, there are living enzymes which are important and the better choice IMO is going raw, but many of these foods should be eaten sparingly.

 ". . . raw foods can help you lose weight, but also how you, no matter what you eat (yes, even raw), can also keep weight on."

Karen Knowler is a raw food coach who at first experienced improved health and weight loss while following a raw food diet, but then a few things changed and she packed on the pounds. A raw food diet alone doesn't guarantee weight loss—read her story here: Raw Food and Weight Loss.

So, how did I do last week?
  • I have more control! Those baked goods didn't get me last week—I did great with staying wheat-free, and that included eating out twice (not Sonic)! 
  • I've continued to Jazzercise including a touch of yoga and shashaying to music around the house. 
  • I'm drinking my greens. 
  • The scale is going down. 
  • I stayed chipper and close to stress-free last week (remember, I chose rejoice for my 2013 word). 
  • I started a weight loss food journal a few days ago.

Keeping Track
Healthy Habits—Week 4

It's crucial for me to continue the daily exercise and I want to seriously think about setting some specific goals for walking when the weather warms up. I found this as a helpful tool: Calorie Counter for Conditioning Exercise

Eat more of the above mentioned foods that kill Candida. Keep track of everything I'm eating in my journal. Calories, fiber and protein, and more are included. I can also see at a glance how varied my food choices are and the percentage of raw foods consumed. I need to be cautious and not gorge on some raw foods, especially when I need to lose weight for health reasons.

If you missed it, here is a new tasty recipe I made last week which includes several of those foods listed above: (Raw) Mock Salmon Salad on Baby Bok Choy with Not-Peanut Sauce

Continue to utilize the Lose Weight the Healthy Way - 13 Week Journal, an excellent tool to push me forward and help me meet my daily/weekly goals. 

Have a growth mindset:  

You can do, what you put effort into learning and doing. Abilities are developed through dedication and hard work. Set new habits and enjoy the drive!

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  1. I've never intentionally done a raw diet, but I always feel better when I a large portion of my diet is raw. I've enjoyed your posts. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I've only gone all raw for about a week. I'd love to do a juice fast kind of thing but I'm happy with my gradual move toward making a lifestyle change. My frequency of headaches are nothing like they were! Thanks for your comment.

  2. Good job, Kathy! Thank you so much for the photo of foods that kill candida. When I was dealing with candida, it was tough. I'm going to pin this so I can reference it again. Thanks!

    1. I'm glad to hear it is helpful. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Looks like you're doing great with your goals! Nothing like a nutrition guide to kill the mood for tasty junk food. It's all about making those little changes one by one. They really add up. Thanks for linking up with us at Wellness Wednedays :)

    1. Thanks Trisha! I just finished watching "Forks Over Knives" on Netflix. My taste for junk food has flown further out the window. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Breaking sugar addiction is SO SO hard. I'm working on it. As a diabetic mama, I have to work on it so I can be healthy for my boys. We're getting there but it is a long slow journey for us. I've struggled with the Candida issues myself. I think I may finally be getting past that - I hadn't even realized it until I was reading your post. Hoorah for lifestyle changes!!!

    Visiting from Wellness Wednesday Link Up

    1. Hooray for you Jen! I've been years taking one tiny step at a time. Just keep on going . . . thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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