Monday, July 11, 2011

Making a Healthy Decision

For the past 10 years our family has made baby steps toward improving our health through eating better: enjoying less processed foods, getting rid of saturated fats, grinding my own flour and making homemade bread, ditching the soda for lemon water in restaurants, reading labels to avoid MSG and high fructose corn syrup, purchasing aluminum-free ingredients, buying natural nut butters, eating less meat, using farm fresh eggs, making smoothies, juicing every here and there, taking supplements . . . you get the picture.

Along the way I was introduced to the idea of an almost all raw foods diet and became intrigued with the variety of dishes, snacks, and even scrumptious deserts that can be made. They were nutritious living foods that still held their enzymes (not cooked away) and provided nourishment on a cellular level.  I met people that no longer needed prescription drugs, had remissions from cancer, and never got colds (is that possible?).

I collected recipes, I bought a bunch of un-cookbooks, I even took a raw foods prep class—but I couldn't seem to do it for more than a week, and my family of 4 sons and my muscular, larger than normal husband demanded what habit made them accustomed to for so many years. And, I was a "comfort" food eater. My daily cappuccino was a must; besides, my dear hubby filled our shelves with  great packaged buys from the local discount bent and dent stores. Better than name brand items, but still ZERO in enzymes.

At age 57 (with a lot of potential), I secretly wished for some motivation. Maybe something heaven sent.

High blood pressure—170/100? 40 lbs. overweight? Consistent sinus snorting? Depression? Fatigue? Headaches? Candida infection? OMG!

I cut out most dairy (especially cheese), ate only tuna or wild caught salmon and a rare bit of chicken. I suddenly had no sinus drainage and the recurring yeast infection halted. THEN . . .

I watched a new DVD I had purchased months prior but hadn't gotten around to viewing: Simply Raw, Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days. WOW! I was fascinated—six diabetics made remarkable changes on an all raw diet. Hmmm . . . I wonder what 30 days (or 60 or 90) could do for me?

Here was sweet motivation. I was so tired of being Zombie Wife and Mom in the morning. I decided to become a Raw Foods Chef for 30 Days and have FUN using that dehydrator I bought last year and trying out those many collected recipes. So this month, I'm having the best time taking care of me and learning how I might turn this into a needed lifestyle change.

Follow me to see what I'm making and eating—some amazing food! (See that pretty organic rainbow chard up above? What can I do with that?)

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