Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Commitment: Habits in the Making

 I started reading an E-book I got for free "... then just stay fat."
(That got my attention!) The author, Shannon Sorrels, has a different style of writing about weight loss, calories, health, and sticking with a program—she entertains and motivates. She's heard all kinds of excuses for not getting-with-it including:
My tree fell over.
My fridge died; I had to eat it all.
I had to go out to dinner a lot this week.
They made me a cake.
My metabolism thinks I'm starving.
The soft serve ice cream with Oreo toppings was for calcium. 
You get it . . . "OK then, just stay fat."
OK, I can relate to these. Shannon tells it like it is and I have no more excuses! Either I do or I don't!

Commitment: Habits in the Making

Improved Habits: 
Exercise  6 times/week.
Drinking my greens everyday.
Losing pounds (as opposed to gaining)

Last week I concentrated on my posture and I did some Yoga (along with exercise). 
I focused more on what I was eating and if I really wanted to eat it—before I ate it. 
I continued with an anti-inflammation diet concentrating on raw foods plus eating wheat-free. I still had cravings and I didn't do as good as I could have . . . not habits yet.

Week 3

Continue to concentrate on posture and doing yoga for physical stress relief. Also, make sure to play my favorite music and dance when I feel like dancing

Continue with the wheat-free choices. It's hard because my husband and son aren't on the same restrictions I am. My husband does most of the shopping (a great bargain shopper which I appreciate) and comes home with breads and crackers and things that I really want but shouldn't have! My friend Lynn, a Hallelujah Health Minister, told me that if she had to look at all those no-nos in her kitchen she'd have a hard time too. So, I have to convince hubby—duh, like he doesn't already know. 

I tried a German sunflower seed bread that took a little getting used to, and a pecan bread I bought that I don't really like. I'm sure these are not low calorie but I thought to find a bread substitute I can eat and enjoy. I do like sprouted grain tortillas. I know there are gluten free recipes but I don't want a potato flour replacement.  I'll keep looking and experimenting. If you have a good recipe you like, please share!

Eating Raw : 
I eat a lot of green salads and have been juicing more, enjoying green smoothies, and I made zucchini pasta last night with a new sunflower seed dressing that was not so tasty. Sometimes that happens when you experiment. But here's a fabulous zucchini spaghetti recipe! I've made friends with pomegranates over the last several months and if you missed my previous post about my experience go here: Pink PomeGranny Juice.

"A glass of pomegranate juice packs in more antioxidants 
than almost an entire day of healthy eating."


Have you heard of Mind Mapping? When I went to Vicki Arnold's blog and saw her mind map I decided to do one for myself. This is based on my desire for healthy habit changes for 2013. The center is the red heart: Improved Health, and it has three divisions—Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual. From there it branches out and touches on many areas of my life that are important to acknowledge and commit to. If you are a visual kind of person this is a great way to make a plan and aid you on your healthy journey. I liked how they all interconnected.

Many of you have picked one word to represent what you want to accomplish in 2013. I have chosenREJOICE!  That's my main focus for a year. If you'd like to take a deeper look at why I chose Rejoice for my word please visit Living & Learning @ Home

I will say this: you know how you feel when your favorite song is played and you dance with no inhibitions? Or . . .  those sensations that grip you when you're doing something you absolutely love? That's how I want to rejoice about living—as close to all the time as I can—even through the adversity of illness and getting healthier. 

I'm not sure how this relates to the topic of commitment. Except, that I commit to rejoicing more! Isn't it all good? All that we are learning and doing and feeling and sharing? I am happy just to be me right now (with all my snags and snarls)—however far along on the healthy pendulum I am at—and I have much to rejoice about today! That's what I'm focusing on along with my healthy habits journey.

I'd love to hear about your healthy commitments. 

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  1. A great post and so nice to see how others doing the Healthy Habits are influencing each other. :D

    Keep it up and stay focused!


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