Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Happy Day Juice

Starting today with a SMILE!

Happy Day Juice
It's gorgeous outside right now on this pretty spring day, so I stepped outdoors to take in the glorious morning. I took my Happy Day Juice with me!

It's easy to get caught up in the horrific happenings that we are facing in this country and personally, my Hubby fills me in on all the gory details on a daily basis . . . but I just can't live my life with the weight of all that on my shoulders. Yeah, there's a time and a place and someone has to be on the front lines, but let me persuade you to think about your health and I don't mean just the physical.

Do something that makes you smile. Go somewhere that you enjoy. Be with those you love. Help someone today. And don't wait to do it tomorrow!
Start the day out right.

Fix up this feisty juice in a flash, like I did this morning. I've talked about fennel before in my post Let's Get Juiced, and it's becoming a favorite juicing ingredient. I only had one apple left this morning so I decided to use the tangelos in this recipe. We loved this one! I hope you do too.


1/4 fennel bulb
10 carrots
1 Fuji apple
2 tangelos peeled (or oranges)
ginger (small piece peeled)
1/4 cup lemon juice

Cut or slice all ingredients to fit your juicer. Juice all ingredients together but pour in the lemon juice last. Serve in your happiest cup or container and enjoy!

This recipe makes about 2 cups.

For more info about our life of juicing and a list of many other juicing and smoothie recipes check out the post: A Juicing Lifestyle

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  1. Mmmmmm, tangelos in a juice sounds amazing! Love apple, orange, carrot, ginger combo, but I've never tried juicing fennel. Wow! What a unique combination!

    1. I'm loving the taste of fennel and I know how good it is for you. Plus I've gotten a few good deals on it at the health food store (markdowns—but still very good produce).

  2. Oooh, fennel juice! I think I'd love the anise taste.

    1. It's been a delight to use fennel in recipes. Please try it. Thanks for visiting and commenting.


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