Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Don't Skip a Beet—Juice

Don't Skip a Beet—Juice

Perk yourself up with this great tasting heart-healthy mix of beets, mandarin oranges, and ginger. I didn't know what kind of juice I wanted to make tonight and suddenly I remembered the beets sitting in the fridge.I seemed to keep forgetting them.

Cooked beets lose a lot of their nutritional value while raw juiced beets pack an antioxidant powerhouse of vitamins and minerals and are useful for detoxification. I like that they are anti-inflammatory and high in Vitamin A, Potassium, B6, Vitamin C, Magnesium and Calcium. Important for me and for you too!

Adding raw beets to your juicing ingredients aids the body to heal from anemia, bladder, and cardiovascular disease, and they encourage liver cleansing and lymphatic circulation. Beets are also known as a cancer preventative.

3 medium beets, peeled and diced
6 mandarin oranges (Cuties)
5 large carrots
1/2" fresh ginger peeled
Big handful of spinach 
Put all ingredients through your juicer. Drink up!

According to  Love to Know Vegetarian  you should:

 "Never drink juice from beets alone or in great quantities. While rare, reported side effects include hives, chills, fever and stomach upset. Always dilute it with other natural, freshly juiced fruits or vegetables."
I didn't know that!

Also, watch for red pigment in your urine and stool—no, it's not blood you are seeing!

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  1. What a fantastic combination!! I love beet carrot ginger juice, but adding orange will just take it to a whole new level! Thanks for sharing this at Raw Foods Thursdays. I'm pinning it on our RFT board too!


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