Thursday, February 28, 2013

Starting Tomorrow—ALL RAW—One Week a Month!

Tomorrow's the day! 

I'm kicking off a NEW healthy habit by consuming ALL RAW for the first week of every month. 

Don't tell me I'm crazy or that I can't do it. For me, it's often easier to act on the "all or nothing" principle. Somehow that makes it easier. And I really want to kick-start my metabolism and literally pour in the juicy nutrition to my less-than-healthy self.

I'm excited about this! I think since January I lost some of my momentum so this will kick it up a notch. It'll mean a lot of fresh juicing, some cool fruity (and green)
smoothies, and my usual big salads but none of the no-nos! Fresh fruits and veggies for snacking. Raw nuts, seeds and oils are OK, but only on a minimal basis. I intend to keep it simple. BTW my hubby is going to do it too, but I have the feeling he may need some extras thrown in. I'll be prepared.

In case you are interested, at the end of this post I'll share just a bit of my Healthy Habits Journey thus far. For the rest of my blabbering I'm listing several superfoods (and some of their wonderful benefits) that I'll be focusing on in my raw diet this week.
Here's a great juice recipe that will help me avoid migraines:

I LOVE beets and their anti-infammatory response 
and immune system boosting benefits!

I just noticed that part about its being called "nature's Viagra"—well OK, that too!

This is a neat chart that I'll keep in mind.

Lemon juice is consumed year round on a daily basis in our household. Lemon or lime juice goes in almost all our juice recipes. I adore lemon!

I love the taste of ginger and it's often 
in my juice recipes as well.  

Either tonight or tomorrow I'm making a carrot ginger soup (all raw) with a creamy base of avocado. I'm looking forward to it!

(How about if I share with you some of the awesome benefits of ginger when I post the soup recipe in the next few days?)

According to Natural News,  consuming garlic on a daily basis may be one of your best defenses against infection and inflammation causing disease.

Garlic is another important food item that is a part of our daily cooking and un-cooking experience. We buy it in bulk and use it in all sorts of ways. 

My husband and sons love it minced raw on popcorn with melted butter. I add a few bulbs to my juice recipes. In winter months when the flu is threatening you may find us eating it raw, sliced fine between two crackers. Lots of it goes in Italian dishes, in stir-frys, and on veggies. Garlic bread and garlic potatoes are two of our family's favorite side dishes. 

Eating it raw is rather spicy (depending on the garlic you have) and cooking it gives it more of a mild flavor. My husband has successfully used it twice to ward off a tooth infection. It's natural antibiotic properties are very effective!

 A New Energizing Focus

I started a new workout with T-Tapp that I'm very excited about. I purchased the DVD which makes the routines easy to follow. Since I'm an "older" lady (but young at heart) its focus on spinal alignment, neurokinetic flow, and lymphatic function working together in a whole-body system sounds just perfect for me. It's rehabilitative nature will be great for my knees, back, and neck, plus more. In just the short time I've been doing some of the exercises I've surely felt the difference as I'm using new muscle systems. It's a whole new concept to me and it makes a lot of sense.

Healthy Habits Update

Since it's the end of February I feel like I should be giving you an update on how I did last month. Here's just a little: 

I'm still food journaling but I'm no longer keeping track of the numbers. I've turned it into a list of items to check off and it works well for me that way.
  • Drinking my greens daily plus additional water (still not enough—but improved)
  • Exercising most every day (I missed about four days this week due to a minor injury)
  • No weight loss in Feb. Could it be I'm gaining more muscle due to the exercising? (With T-Tapp I will be adding muscle.)
  • I felt good overall but a bit tired some days (that's where I "pick myself up and carry on")
  • No wheat or chocolate (I cheated—but just a teeny tiny bit!) 
  • Snacking? (I'm still eating too often and I had some cravings for wheat, so instead I ate too many other snack foods made from wheat-less grains.) Maybe that's why no weight loss!
  • During the whole month I only had one bout of several days with a bad headache. (Improved!)

I love so many things that Charlotte Gerson and the Gerson Institute says about health and disease. If you've never heard of her or her late father's famous Gerson Therapy mindset, you'll be pleased to check it out. There's so much to learn!

Our bodies benefit in a miraculously designed way that is healing to its whole. For example, I can aid my thyroid function, improve my gut issues, and eliminate migraines, arthritis and heart disease all at the same time.

I'm looking forward to the healthy benefits I'll have from my ALL RAW—One Week a Month Experience! Anyone care to join me?

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  1. Sounds like you are doing well with creating new health habits! Keep it up :) Thanks for linking up with us this week.


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