Monday, September 17, 2012

"Treat Yourself" Trail-mix

Treat Yourself Trail-mix
I purchased a raw, dried fruit and nut trail-mix from my raw-foodie friend Lynn at the Farmer's Market last week. It was crunchy and tasty and hit the spot, inspiring me to make my own just a few days later.

What are you and your family snacking on?

This is an important question. If not prepared, you'll find yourself in the drive-thru of the neighborhood fast food change-your-mood-with-glue chain on a continual basis. And if your fear of calories makes you run and hide from the idea of dried fruits and nuts, don't run off just yet. There is such a thing as setting limits for yourself. If you want a nutrient dense, fiber rich, antioxidant filled, enzyme intact, tasty snack, (instead of Oreos, Snickers, Fries, or the DQ Blizzard of the Month), this is an excellent choice. And when you make it yourself—to treat yourself—it's just perfect!

Bag it.

That's the key—making it yourself. Unlike what you may find in the way of trail-mixes at the Neighborhood Multi-Dollar Store, you can control the amount (or lack) of sugar, salt and less-than-healthy processed ingredients. 

I filled up four quart size bags and brought one on an overnight trip this past weekend to share with my husband. We were busy, busy, busy, as sponsors for our National Galaxie Car Club meet this past weekend, so it worked out great to grab a little treat on the go. Often, after working my 8 AM to 12 Noon schedule, I'm famished for a little treat before lunch. It also works as a breakfast replacement.

The Basic Recipe 

Mix together any combination of your favorite raw nuts and dried fruits. Add in additional ingredients to your liking.

For my particular mix, I dried some fresh sliced peaches and apples dipped in lemon and dusted with cinnamon. I also soaked pecans, almonds and sunflower seeds overnight, then dehydrated them until fairly crunchy. My dehydrator has nine trays and I had something on each tray, drying at the same time. Drying time was approximately 24 hours.

What Else I Added:

Roasted cashews
Raw pumpkin seeds
Organic Thompson Raisins
Dried mango slices (sulfur free)
Banana chips (purchased)
Unsweetened shredded coconut
Dark chocolate covered ginger balls
Mini carob chips

I went heavy on the nuts and fruit and light on the chocolate ginger and carob chips. Next time I'd like to dehydrate pineapple and banana. Treat yourself to a knock-out, trail-mix treat!


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